Sunday, 19 July 2009


I've been keeping active a lot more. I've been rowing more and training on the exercise bike to increase my heart rate. One of the bonuses of doing this training now is that I'll be getting fitter for the Great North Swim that I'll be doing in Lake Windermere in a couple of months. I'm raising money for the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity. I'd love it if you could help me raise funds for this charity. I'm really happy that Someone has already paid £10 towards it (Thanks Steph). Imagine out of the 700 friends I have on Facebook, if each of them donated £2 or more then I would reach my target of £1000 in no time. 

The Beard: 

I've been keeping it trimmed and neat. Not much to report on the beard front. 

Financial Freedom:

Oooh it feels exciting being on this journey to Financial Freedom. I just know that by the end of next year my passive income will be greater than my expenses. I love keeping the vision of me being financially free and that is helping my keep motivated. I'll be working on a vision board soon and that will make it a lot more exciting.

A quote:

“Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow” - Robert Kiyosaki

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